E300h or CLS250CDI? Advice appreciated


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Dec 20, 2006
Passfield, Hants
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So, looks like I will be swapping the train commute for more driving in my job. Being paid 35p per mile so want to try and minimise the fuel cost element to pay for the depreciation, servicing etc. Looking to spend £18K-£22K on either a CLS250CDI or E300h, thoughts so far:

* Reading the forum and a couple of reviews there doesn't seem to be a massive difference in "real" mpg delivered.

* CLS would potentially hold its value better as it's beautiful car and less about?

* Mainly motorway driving with a bit of urban, so benefits of hybrid diminish?

* Safety features and Command system on e300h are better?

As you can detect I'm swaying towards the CLS, happy to be persuaded otherwise though. Your insight would be appreciated!

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