e300td s210 number 6 glow plug and oil filter housing

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Apr 16, 2012
Just wondering, on the s210 e300td can the oil filter housing be moved without draining the engine? I was wondering if it was possible to maybe undo a couple of bolts and rotate it a little - or will I have to drain the oil and take the housing off completely?

Reason is that the number 6 glow plug went dead (the one nearest the bulkhead). I managed to change 2 on my other car (2002 s210 e220cdi) with no problems, by doing it whilst the engine was hot and taking it slow, so I was optimistic it wouldn't be too bad if I did the same on the E300TD - wrong.
It broke off and the hex part just turned and the glow plug stayed put.

I got a broken glow plug removal kit but it needs clear access (to run a drill bit and a thread tapper) and I can't get a straight run at it because the oil filter housing is slap bang in the way.
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Further to my last. The kit I have is the laser 5205 and I've been following the video. How easy it looks when the engine block is sitting on a workshop floor - lol. There was a better looking kit advertised (Klann I think) but I couldn't find one anywhere. I've managed to get the hex part off and expose the central electrode (not by hammering the little torx thing onto the cap like the video - couldn't get a stright swing with the hammer, due to the oil filter housing) I used a pair of gas pliers and just twisted the end cap until it became loose, then did the rest by hand. On the video, the guy then gently grips the electrode with a pair of pliers, gives a little twist and - hey presto- out it comes. However, on mine it's as if there's some little b***er onthe other end hanging on for grim death. The damn thing will not let go, I've twisted and pulled (gas pliers again) for ages to no avail. The electrode will move side to side but when I twist all that happens is the pliers start chewing it up and it still won't budge. I was thinking of maybe cutting a thread on it but don't think I will have room to turn the die properly. If I can, my next stage would be to stack a few washers around it and just tighten a nut on in the hope of drawing the electrode upwards and out. Either that or get a crowbar claw on it.
Update: No chance of cutting a thread on the end of the electrode, there just isn't room. Maybe if I had a socket type die but even then the oil filter housing is still in the way. Anyway, so far I have drained the oil and whilst doing so I noticed that there is a slight leak from somewhere above the drain plug. Looks as if it may be from the level or pressure sensor which is on the side of the sump a couple of inches up, can't quite see if there's any oil above that but I suspect not. So, next move is to move a few things and then take the housing off. After that I think I am going to have to try to snap or cut that bl**dy electrode off and then use the step drill to get the rest of the guts out. Unfortunately, I am working in the driveway as the car won't fit in the garage, and it's raining - again. Happy days.
Almost there with the oil filter housing, I hope. Why is there always something else in the way with these things? Every bolt is an absolute pig to get at. Looks like, if I undo three of them the housing may swivel. But they're all awkward as hell and they're all torxes. To add insult to injury, the bottom one gets about halfway out and hits up against another torx bolt, so you can't get it any further out. Also, because of the position you can't get a socket in, so I'm having to use an alan type torx and a ring spanner on the end for leverage. The obstructing bolt is part of the mount for a couple of hydraulic hoses, which I would rather leave alone but I'm having to undo that torx bolt simply to give me space to get the other one out. The one on the hydraulics is particulary tight and the damn thing is chewing the splines on my T30 torx wrench. I've sprayed it with Gunk Liquid Wrench and left it for a few minutes whilst I dig out an impact torx. All this and I'm only guessing that the housing will rotate at the end. Ever wish you'd never started something? I would have put up with the duff glow plug if I'd realised what I was letting myself in for, but I was lulled into a false sense of security by how easily the ones on the 220 came out. Having looked at some of the other threads on the same subject I noted that some guys have just disconnected the electrode from their duff plugs and ran the motor anyway. I'm wary of that but it's looking attractive at the moment. I'm wondering though, if I did that is there a likelihood that having mashed the plug about so much, it might blow itself out under load and do mega damage on the way?
If anyone is reading this thread, should I put all the bits back and run the engine with the bonnet up, the air intake off and something to shield or deflect the the electrode if it decides to blow out?
Not getting anywhere with this bolt that's blocking the bottom one on the oil filter housing. It doesn't seem to fit the torx bits very well. Tried the bits on the sister bolts to that one and they seem a sloppy fit. Is there an oddball size that MB use on some bolts? T40 is definitely too big and T30 seems a bit loose, which would explain why it's chewing splines. should it be an in between size T35 maybe? If it is, I haven't got one in any of my sets, so it'll be eBay or similar. I'm going away tomorrow and I'm working tonight (I own a taxi - the 220cdi), so no more time until I get back.
The E300TD is being prepared as a back or replacement for the E220CDI as a taxi. The 220 needs looking at at the moment so when I get back I'm going to have to use my personal car as a taxi (E39 BMW 530D sport), whilst I sort the Mercs out. Just wondering, if it's carbon that's holding the electrode in, is there a good penetrator or solvent that I could squirt down the side of it?
I've squirted some more gunk around the electrode and a bit of silicone gtease on top of that. Also squirted all the bolts with liquid wrench. Think I'll order some more odd size torx bits too and give those a shot when get back on Saturday.

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