E320 CDI 2002 near Stansted - probably not to bad but some advice needed on problems

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Jul 4, 2009

After the horrow car in Peterborough I lookd at another E320CDI Estate of about 10 years. Mercedes-Benz E Class E320 CDi Avantgarde 5dr Tip Auto Diesel Estate, 132K miles, with service history.

The car did accelerate and handle reasonably well however I have the following concerns:
1. Central locking would unlock and lock intermittenly during driving. It looks like there was a correlation between the road twisting to the left - even slightly - and the car being unlocked. Quite annoying fault that I could not live with - would have to be fixed.
2. Middle and back undertrays are missing exposin oil pen etc to the road. This is even worse as the car has quite low clearance - compared to it my E300TD Elegance is a 4x4!
3. Mirrow adjustment button is broken - though still possible to control the mirrors.
4. Seats, buttons etc feel more like a much higher mileage car. Mine E300TD is 150K - so older and higher milage but seats and buttons are almost as new while on this one ae clearly worn.
5. Clearance is very low. Much lower then my E300TD Elegance. According to the seller this is standard for Avantgarde but I am concerned as sometimes drive on dirt roads with long grass, stones etc and potholes as well in the UK are now quite big. I wonder how much it would cost to make it like my Elegance clearance wise.

The car does accelerate and handle rasonably well. So I just wonder how much each of the problem would cost to fix and would appreciate advice on this matter.
1. Door pin switch has clearance, either new switch or trimming old should cure the problem

I think other are repairable by buying spares from the scrap parts

Check that transmission oils has been changed, no black death looming under engine cover...

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