E320 cdi 7g gearbox confused / rumble

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Dec 3, 2007
I've just brought a e320 cdi 56 with the 7g<br />
<br />
At 20-30 mph it seems to act loss, sort of likes not sure whether to change up or down. At times it slightly rumbles? <br />
<br />
Gear changes are smooth. It's had one gearbox oil change at 40k and it's on 129k now
That obviously begs the blatant first port of call then don't it?
Well I spoke to a mb mechanic who claimed they due one service on the gearbox and then seal it up for life? so i wasnt sure hence the post?

Any idea what i should be paying for a oil change
Specialist Changed Oil and did a software update that was released in July and all seems perfect will update if anything progresses


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