e320 cdi eu3 vs eu4

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Oct 25, 2016
e320 cdi
I know this has been asked quite alot over the years, especially on mb forums, but I'm still unable to receive the answer that I'm looking for...

Does anyone here know the exact differences between the Eu3 and Eu4 engines, for example the 2003 e320 cdi inline 6 eu3 and the 2004+ eu4 I know that the euro 4 is less economical, does anyone know the exact reason for this? For example, my old 53 plate e320 cdi was more economical than my current 04 plate e320 cdi by quite a significant amount... even though the 53 plate was an estate and the current car is a saloon... does anyone know what exactly was done which affected the economy? I have heard that there were many complaints regarding this, and that many early eu4 models (especially 04 plate) were remapped for this very reason... does this mean that I'd see a significant difference from a remap?

Any response will be much appreciated, thank you guys!

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