E350 Estate Auto W212 Suspension fault & Bonnet open issue

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  1. Deamondog24

    Deamondog24 New Member

    Sep 3, 2017
    E350 Estate W212
    Good evening,

    Having collected my rather stunning MB E350 Estate Auto the jam has been removed from my donut.... I found it sat on its rear arches in the morning and returns to driving height in a staggering 20 seconds 1st issue!

    Then I opened the bonnet to check out the power centre and guess what the bonnet sensor has been on the dash ever since now my car beeps at me like I'm driving without my seatbelt on.

    Sorry to sound a bit negative but I want to be out loving life in my new jam. Can anyone help?

    So far I have tried removal and refit of both latches including lubricating them I have returned the bonnet release back to the correct position still no good....

    In terms of the suspension I'm going to get it lifted then do the old soapy water trick to find the offending pressure escape point.

    Any advice would be greatly received

    Mucho thanks in advance :dk:
  2. Headhurts

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    Nov 29, 2015
    Near Coltishall, Norfolk
    Mercedes E350 Estate Night Edition
    Sorry to hear of your problems but once sorted you will have a lovely car.

    The bonnets do need a really good slam shut to lock them down.

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  3. steveq

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    Nov 2, 2011
    2011 S212 E220 CDI Estate, 2011 W204 C220 CDI, 1965 230SL Pagoda
    What age is your car?
    Suspension issue:- If you are lucky, it might be a leak in the pipework or the valve block (situated under the rear bumper towards the passenger side).
    It is more likely to be one or both of the suspension air bags.

    Did you notice if both sides are going down at the same rate? If each side is sinking at different rates then it is more likely to be the air bags.

    If it is under warranty bring it back to the dealer.

    If isn't under warranty and it is the air bags and then decide if you want to buy Mercedes air bags (circa £400 each) or spurious ones at maybe half that price, all plus labour.
  4. Abcan

    Abcan Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Aug 17, 2015
    S212 250CDI 2012

    I had the same suspension problem on my S212, both sides were dropping roughly the same amount. Took it back to the dealers who diagnosed a split pipe. It was replaced at my expense as non metallic pipes aren't covered under the MB Tier 1 warranty. It cost about £150 quid for the pipe to replaced. As said above the bonnet needs one hell of a slam to shut them properly but it sounds like you've probably already tried that. There are some pics of my saggy suspension in my previous thread on this issue. Hope you get it sorted.

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