E350 S/W211 Sport Estate 06, parts wanted!


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May 7, 2021
London N9
Mercedes Benz E55 W211 2004/ E350 W211 Sport 2006
On my 2nd W211 E class now :rolleyes::).
Bought an E55 W211 04 about a year ago, and a E350 Sport W211 Estate 06 on Sunday 22/05/22.
Im looking for some parts for the E350 if anyone can help -

1. AMG W211 E55 or E63 front bumper (can anyone advise if the saloon AMG front bumper will fit the estate?)
2. Set of 4 W219 CLS AMG alloys or any nice AMG alloys that will fit my E350 estate W211, please provide any photos you may have.

Looking forward to any replies.

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