E350+ Tow Bar?

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Dec 27, 2023
2007 E350
This is more a general curiosity question than anything but I was wondering what the feasibility of putting a Tow Bar on an E350 3.5ltr V6 is???

I would think that the car could handle it without too many issues if only towing "something" within the cars abilities such as an 8' X 6' trailer and nothing heavier. Assuming the car could tow such a trailer, is there anything special that should be done to the car/transmission such as oil coolers etc? All I would be towing would be a Zero Turn Lawn Tractor (once a year) and my 900lb Harley once or twice a year.

As said, this is more a curiosity question as I have a 2010 Rogue with a tow bar but have been told that isn't a good idea due to the appalling transmission in them (CVT).
If you check the data plate on the car that should tell you the maximum weight that MB thinks it should tow. The first number on that is normally the maximum gross weight of the vehicle, and the second the maximum gross train weight (car plus trailer). Subtract the first from the second to get the maximum braked trailer weight. If no train weight is given (there's a zero or '-' there) it's not certified by the manufacturer to tow - over here that would make it illegal to fit a towbar, but no idea what the situation is in the US! It doesn't mean the car is incapable of towing anything, just that it hasn't been put through the approval/certification process. Not likely to apply to an estate though. Towing data may also be given in the handbook. There will also be a maximum trailer noseweight, to avoid over-stressing the towbar mounting points and/or rear suspension.

Not sure about cooling mods ... I think these are unusual nowadays, and it would be rare for anyone putting a towbar on a used car to retrofit them anyway. But if you're going to tow in high temps. it might be worth investigating further (and somebody here might have specific knowledge relating to your car).
@BTB 500

Thank you, appreciate the information. I'll let you know what I find out.

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