E350e Immediate pre-entry climate control doesn’t work

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Aug 31, 2018
Birmingham, UK
E350e AMG Line Premium Plus

Soon after the updated the Mercedes Me app came out in 2021, I noticed that I could no longer activate the pre-entry climate control immediately - but it works if I set a departure time. This means that there is no issue with communications with the car, as all the other Mercedes Me features work too.

When I slide the button across from Deactivate to Activate, it says that the request has been sent then an ”Important Note” is displayed saying: “It has not been possible to transfer the pre-entry climate control request to the vehicle, as it was not possible to establish contact with the vehicle.” However, if I set a departure time, it says “Request sent”, then after about 30 seconds “Next departure time Today, 4:00 pm” for example. This means that it’s all set to go if I use the departure time feature, but not when I use the immediate function. The other way to enable immediate pre-entry climate control is to unlock the car, but I’m not always near the keys to do this.

I know that the immediate pre-entry climate control from the Mercedes Me app has always been flakey, but since the update to the app it has never worked for me. My current app version is 1.18.1 (1303), which is displayed by touching the 3 bars in the top left of the screen. It didn’t work on my iPhone X nor my current iPhone 13 Pro. Does it work for anyone? I have 2017 E350e.

Thanks in advance 👍

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