E36 AMG W210 project

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Nov 17, 2013
Pendle, Lancashire
C55 AMG Estate, C63 AMG Estate & CLK55 AMG Convertible.
1996 E36 AMG W210 £1850


Put a genuine AMG on your driver for less than £2k!…

I purchased this earlier in the year to save a rare (total of 150 during 1996 & 1997) and largely unknown AMG.
7 months on I have only gotten round to fitting a replacement boot lid, bonnet and drivers door. We moved house late last years and thought I could juggle a project car and house, but the house has overtaken in the needy stakes. Added to that, as winter approaches Mrs N would rather see her SLK snuggled up in the garage next to the C36.

It’s only had 3 former keepers, reputedly the first was MB at Chester for the use of the DP, then it went to Abakhan Fabrics in Holywell in April 1997 for the personal use of Michael Abakhan, it changed owner in 2004 to a gentleman in Broughton who kept it until 2018.


When I purchased it, I drove it back from Chester to East Lancashire, it drove better than I expected. Certainly eager enough and the tone change in the upper revs sound more aggressive than my C36. The 4 speed auto box is not the smoothest as many of you know, but pretty bullet proof. No whiney diff either.

I purchased 4 replacement doors, boot lid, and a pair of recent excellent wings, all in 744 Silver. Drivers door and boot already been fitted, the others I will include in the sale.

The MOT ran out in June, I’m no MOT tester, but the jacking points, sills, and spring cups appear fine, inner wing front edges are iffy, but replacement panels are available. Nothing out of the ordinary on the MOT history.

Being an early E36 W210, it has the big 4 pot calipers on the front, rather than the cost saving later sliding calipers.
The 18” Monoblocks need a tidy, AC still blows cold, still has its factory stereo and I don’t know if the Nokia cradle works.


The W210 is still in the shadow of the W124 and will be for a long time, with so few E36 W210's coming into the UK (56 in 1996 and 94 in 1997) it deserves saving, but the straight 6 AMG engine is often favoured for converting W113's, W201’s, W124’s and R129’s etc. Officially rated at 277BHP, this would be an ideal donor as you have everything you need, no buying a pallet engine you never heard run, or scratting around for missing connectors or promised ECU's.


It would be great if it was saved, this will be one of those cars in a few years you see one at a show, or on the motorway and think "I had the chance to buy one of those for less than £2k.."


(cardboard under the E36 was a precaution as the concrete floor had not been painted)


(big dog not included)

Located near Burnley in Lancashire.
Currently stored in a dry and well lit garage, if you want to come and crawl over it
PM me for my phone number if you want a chat about it.
Provisionally sold

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