E36 Cabriolet £25k!!

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The guy selling the car is mad no Chance he will get that money !!!


I'm guessing you mean the white one? The blue one on ebay is great value for just over £1500!!
Sorry £1300. That's a ruddy good price - hope everything on the car works. I paid a lot more for mine!
its a beauty. bit steep on price, but i would happily pay a premium for that car
destined to be the most desirable edition of a classic model

Sorry, coupe every time :thumb:

Weather they are in E36 AMG guise or normal E220 or E320 models...The cabs always hold their value more than the equivelant coupe's...

Price is dictated by supply & demand.... They were made in less numbers, cost the most new...& still command the most money today.

And even though prices have dropped in recent years, they generally still hold their money more than the CLK Cabs that came after them!

So basically that makes them the pick of the bunch in the W124 family... with the exception of the E500/500E.

And as a rule, Mercedes 4 seater convertibles traditionally always go on to become DESIRABLE classics....:)

Saying all that, this car is still vastly overpriced....
..must.. stop.. looking at 500Es...

They're the closest I'm going to get to an E73 :(

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