E39 BMW Alarm Question


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Aug 22, 2005
1993 Mercedes 320e and 2000 BMW E39 523i
Some of the members here may have been BMW owners in the past or currently are but I was hoping someone can help me. I currently have a 1999 E39, problem is I unlocked the car and as I turned the ignition, the alarm and immobiliser came on. Problem is I cannot get it to go off and I cant find the owners manual. I have tried both the key fobs so the battery is not an issue but I have been told there is a certain sequence to reset the alarm and immobiliser. None of the interior lights come on and the only lights which come on the dashboard are the oil and battery. The red led in the rvm is flashing very fast simultanoeulsy with the small orange light on the autobox selector in park. Does anyone know the sequence for resetting the alarm?

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