E400d All Terrain gearbox / throttle issues


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Mar 15, 2020
Hi Folks, strange issue with my All Terrain, I noticed poor throttle response and jerky gearbox issues on a trip home from Devon. The engine would not pass 3000rpm, I had some, and then full throttle for the same pressure / position on the pedal, car would not do more than 55-60mph.No warning lights etc on dash or menus . Limped the car home and called Mercedes assist, the mechanic thought it strange and diagnosed a faulty exhaust flap. I have booked the car in for a full diagnostic in Jan , and on driving it home today ,experienced the same issues as described above. Tick over when cold was very erratic. Once warm the box would hang onto gears unto 3000rpm then change, this even with only very light throttle, full throttle gave no acceleration. I attempted to shorten the rev range by shifting with the paddles, this is when I realised that they are not operative ,in any of the engine modes. The limiter etc on the distrionic is never used and is not causing an issue. Should I be looking at the box solely , i.e. a simple relay or fuse gone. Its strange that there are no warning or fault codes at all, even on the full star diagnostic. Does anyone have any ideas ??

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