E55 AMG Kleeman?

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it used to belong to a member on here scorcher, then the current owner bought it. he hasnt had it that long, wonder why its up for sale, it is a gorgeous car.
Its a heavily modified E55 and belongs to a member on this forum
Such a monumental amount of car for 26K... She's a real beaut.
Alps....you bet me to it!
been up for sale for quite some time ........... very nice
It's my car chaps, thank you for your kind words, I've decided to keep it as the world seems full of guys wanting it, saying they will have it, then disappearing, I was fancying a Range Rover Sport HSE diesel but I've decided I'll miss the AMG if I sell it, so for now I'm going to get the car serviced, new boots, an MOT and enjoy the ever warming dry summer tarmac!!!!!
Oh my.......:rock:

I love the black wheels and black grille........it's quality.

Respect is due......
kinda glad this is not for sale now as it would be causing me serious turmoil, lovely car
Beautiful car. Unfortunately ebay is full of time wasters, your best bet is to try PH or autotrader as well as ebay the next time you come to sell.
Respect I can only claim for having the same taste, the mods were done by scorcher who was the previous owner, regarding the sale I would like someone from this site to owner her next, someone who really will enjoy the car!
I'm not a fan of post 95 Mercs, but your car looks the nuts !

Well done, super piece !


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