E55 AMG V8 5.5 Supercharged (600bhp) LPG converted gives 56+mpg Very Rare and Mint Car - 2 Owners

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Mar 27, 2005
For sale is the flagship and top of the range Mercedes AMG E55, this has the same AMG hand built engine as found on the Mercedes SLR, SL55 etc, this car is very rare and becoming rarer by the month and in excellent condition. This car has everything luxury, power and performance with the added bonus of very low running cost due to it being LPG converted. Car is registered in late 2004 so qualifies for cheaper road tax. You pay £315 per year compared to £520 for cars registered after 2005.

I have owned this car for the last 6 years and have spent over £1000’s on this (detailed below), this is my pride and joy and I can assure you that you will not find a better AMG E55 model. It took me 12 months to find this spec with all the options and then spent a fortune getting it LPG gas converted (cost me £3500 for the best system on the market) and upgraded (see below). It is in the most sought-after combination (metallic Silver) and with black leather interior which never shows its age.

It has 5.4 litre Supercharged engine, this currently produces in the region of 590bhp+ and will cover 0 – 60 in 4.2 seconds.


I have kept the car looking standard and have made the following performance modifications

  • 77mm Supercharger pulley (replaces the standard 87mm) for an extra 50-70bhp boost
  • Removal of Secondary Cats (Primary Cats are in place, removal of secondary means a more free flowing exchast and more power)
  • C63 Backboxes (Google this, this is a sought after modification, the E55 by default is very muted, The C63 backbox gives it the best of both in terms on noise, quite with a nice V8 burble on startup and a distinctive AMG noise when driven hard, this is a very sought after mod.
  • Uprated Supercharger cooler pump, this is a commen
  • Stage 1 Remap
This car will not depreciate and in fact will probably go up in value over time, over the last 6 years of ownership the price of these has stayed the same, this is LPG gas converted and in the lower tax band which make this even more attractive as an everyday affordable and rare supercar.

She has covered 133,000 miles with Full-Service History using genuine Mercedes parts and approved Mobil 1 oils only (with receipts). The car has had 2 previous owners not your usual 8+ owners.

I am confident that you won’t find a better car. What I suggest is that you go and view a few other cars and then come and view this car. You will not find a better car the bodywork, interior, Alloys etc is in immaculate condition (like a 2 year old car). I am very fussy over my cars and trust me I like my cars to be perfect, looking original like they left the factory and as new.

Remember unlike other cars this car has levelled off in terms of depreciation, the low running cost (Tax, Fuel and Reliability) and performance makes this a unique offering which no other car can offer you. If you spent 16k on another comparable car after a few years it will probably be worth less than half in value, this car will retain its value due to it being a rare AMG and even more attractive due to it being LPG gas converted it will give you cheap motoring so makes financial sense. You could probably sell this car after 5 years of ownsership the same amount you paid.

LPG Gas Conversion (Dual fuel so can run it on Petrol or Gas)

The car is LPG gas covered with a large 67 litre tank in the spare wheel well the car so you don’t loose any boot space.
It can run on either petrol (80 litre tank) or gas (67 Litre tank) each has its own separate tank. A full tank of Petrol and Gas will give the car a range of over 900 miles on a single tankful. This Conversion cost me over £3600 and is the top of the range Prins conversion. This is the only company which produces injectors large enough to cope with the power of the car. The cars LPG system has also been doubled up with everything (2 reducers, 2x filters etc) to cope with the power and so that there is no loss of power and you wont be able to tell the difference between it running on petrol or gas, you will just benefit from the 56p a litre cost of filling up. I can do 100 Motorway miles for £11 which is amazing for a car which has over 500bhp and do 0-60 in low 4’s which makes for very cheap running for a car with supercar performance. I have a fully certified gas certificate for the conversion and the car is registered with the LPG UK Network.

Mercedes E55 AMG

  • Metallic Silver Colour (most sought after colour)
  • 134,000 miles - the engine has not even been broken in and will last to over 500k+ miles with before any major work is needed. There are a few documented AMG E55 models with over 500k miles in the USA, these engines are not stressed and bullet proof.
  • Car can achieve upto 56 miles per gallon (equivalent petrol/diesel MPG using gas) on a motor way run. Trip computer shows 28 mpg at 70miles per hour with LPG gas costing approx half the price of petrol (56 pence per litre) this gives and petrol equivalent of 56mpg. (more then you would achieve in any diesel and even better than a 1.4 Ford Focus). I can do 100 Motorway miles for £12 which is amazing for a car which has over 500bhp and do 0-60 in 4.2 seconds.
  • 0 – 60 in 4.2 seconds which is very fast. Through gears 30-70mph it takes 3.3 seconds which is supercar territory acceleration. 0 – 100 is in 9.4 seconds.
  • 5.4 litre Supercharged V8 producing over 550bhp (one of the most reliable Mercedes engines)
  • 5 speed Automatic Gearbox, (with comfort and sports mode) and Tiptronic function with steering wheel mounted buttons which allows you to drive it as a manual.
  • Air Suspension (lower or increase the hight of the car at the touch of a button)
  • Adjustable shock absorbers. Adjust cars firmness at the touch of the button, has 3 modes Comfort, Sports and Sports 1.
  • 2x Remote keys.
  • Full Service History with Original Mercedes Owners Manual and a folder full of receipts inc original documentation, manuals etc.
  • With Mercedes Comand NTG2.5 Widescreen Satellite Navigation with DVD and Harddrive etc (I have had this retrofitted for £2500).
  • £1000’s spent on the car. Maintained to high standard regardless of cost.
Audio and Communications

  • Built in Genuine Mercedes Comand Widescreen Satellite Navigation with DVD player, Handsfree Bluetooth also has a 40Gb harddrive built in so that you can store all your music on it. Also has a SD card slot for storing music as well. Note: This is the same unit which is fitted into the newer models and not to be confused with the earlier version (earlier version does not have Bluetooth or the 40gb HD and has a poor display). I have had this retrofitted at a cost of £2500 which no other AMG e55 will have. This is a very sought-after option.
  • Upgraded Pioneer Amp (1200watt)
  • 3 Way Alpine Speakers Fitted throughout the car and replaced the cars stock speakers
  • Upgraded Pioneer Subwoofer fitted (discrete fitting)
  • Bluetooth hands free phone kit installed to connection to your mobile phone.
Interior Features

  • Full Leather
  • Full Electric seats
  • Ambient Lighting (looks cool)
  • Air Conditioning with Dual Climate control (Individual Settings for Driver and Passenger) as well as rear climate control.
  • Cruise Control
  • Speed limiter (this is a great feature for speed cameras)
  • Power assisted steering (PAS)
  • Electric Windows (all round)
  • Electric Side Mirrors (Heated)
  • Electric Remote boot release
  • Anti Lock Brakes (ABS)
  • Dynamic stability control
  • Parking Sensors Front and Rear
  • Trip Computer
  • Rear separate climate control
  • Front armrest
  • Multiple Airbags (Front Airbags, Side airbags, Head air bags etc)
  • Remote headlight adjust
  • Lumbar supportIlluminated vanity mirrors
  • Auto Tint/Dimming rear Mirror
  • Rear Ventilation and heating controls
  • Rear Armrest with storage facility
  • Front Armrest with storage compartments
  • Courtesy Lights with Automatic Dimming Function
  • Illuminated Door Handles
  • Illuminated Vanity mirrors
  • Dual Cupholders front and rear
  • Electric Backrest adjustment on seats including lumber support and headrest adjustment.
  • Electric headlamp range adjustment
  • Electric boot release
  • Height adjustable Steering Column
  • 4 Individual temperature zones with individual temperature control
  • Full First aid kit

  • Original AMG Alloys in special Mercedes Metallic Silver finish (cost £1400)
  • Electronic Boot Open
  • Factory Tinted Windows
  • Xenon Headlamps
  • Headlamp Wash System
  • Intensive Wash system for Windscreen.
  • Rain Sensor for Windscreen.
  • Power Steering.
  • Exterior & interior illuminate door handles, when car is unlocked via remote key.
  • Parking Sensors Front and Rear (Parktronic)
  • Remote Control Locking
  • Avantgarde Sports Suspension. (better handling)
  • Full Sport spec
  • Metallic Silver paintwork
  • Highlevel 3rd brake light
  • Full Mercedes toolkit
  • + lots more items which i have not listed
Recent work carried out on the car.

Has recently had the following work carried out (all with receipts)

  • Just been serviced (June 2020)
  • New Tyres
  • New Front Disk and Pads
  • New Rear Disk and Pads
  • New Battery (Bosch S5 Battery)
  • 16x Iridium Spark Plugs
  • Full Service
  • New Suspension Arms
  • Hunter 4 wheel Alignment
  • 4x Alloy wheels professionally Refurbished
  • Rocker Cover Gaskets replaced
  • Uprated Pulley
  • Replaced Supercharger cooling pump
  • New Radiator and intake water pipes inc coolant change
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • LPG Service including replacement of seals etc
  • Drive Belts Replaced (inc supercharger belt)
  • Belt Pulleys replaced
These are all the common consumables which normally need replacing and will give you peace of mind for the next 100,000 miles.

Get yourself some genuine luxury motoring for very little money.

I am looking for £13,000 for this luxury performance bargain.


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