E55 facelift 2001

Discussion in 'Classifieds - Cars for Sale' started by WG M-B, Oct 4, 2011.

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    May 26, 2011
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    C63 Wagon in black
    Im thinking of selling my E55 despite saying i never would! I currently have three cars and want to buy the wife a nice ML so it looks like the 55 will have to go. I want the right money for it as im pretty sure its a one off....

    E55 AMG 210 MY2001
    fsh { pretty much all at our garage}
    42,000 genuine miles!!!!

    It has pretty much every concievable extra including cooled seats and heated rear seats. Olly at prestige custom made a decat pipe for it very recently and it sounds incredible. Having driven a lot of these cars mine also feels a tad quicker than normal!

    I want 8.5k. I will, however, listen to serious offers. The car has always lived in a garage and is completely rust free.
    I know its a lot of money for a 210 but its a one off.


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