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Aug 10, 2014
2004 Mercedes E55 AMG W211 m113k
I think my power steering fluid has sprayed out all over the passenger side of the engine. I can only think it's PS fluid because the reservoir is not registering anything on the dipstick/lid (but there is a little fluid left in) and oil is all good. All i have had chance to do is clean it, i will get more fluid and have a look over the weekend. So my question is... Before i start can anyone point me in any directions to look and check or any type of test other than fill it up and turn the wheel :ban: ? Thanks in advance.
Yes. Your steering will be really heavy when all the fluid's gone. To the point that you may hit something, when trying low speed manoevers.

Just changed the rack on my w210 for this reason...it was coming out of the n/s gaitor = main seals gone = replacement rack.

If you're lucky, you may find it's one of the hydraulic lines which is comparatively easy and cheap.
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