E55 Ignition Coil rust

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Dec 6, 2020
South East, UK
W211 03'

I noticed a few coils on my car are rusted already. Only replace them a year ago. I will try and clean the rust but is there anything that can be applied (if permitted) to stop rust forming here? or is it to no real affect. Wondered if apply thin amount of vaseline perhaps but didnt want to take chances in case it interefered with grounding? Assuming that is what this if for when it touches the rocker covers.


ignition coil looks very nasty.
did you do a high pressure wash on your engine?
Are those genuine parts?
If it were mine I'd use grease to stop the corrosion and run an earth lead from under the bolt head to a convenient attachment point on the block.
Nope. I replaced all 8 and just checked one randomly. And this is the state of it.

The corrosion seen in the photo is on the under side of the coil which bolts on the engine?
Water ingress coming between coil and engine cover, rust gives inferior grounding

The other side meaning front face of the coil, this part is made of fenol plastic material - bakelite?

I've never seen rusted coils perhaps I should inspect mine what they look like?

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