E55 S211 Scuttle


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Apr 25, 2017
Rainham, Kent
S211 E55 Brilliant Silver Metallic
Hi all :)

Still thoroughly enjoying Simon's old car and thought I'd post a few updates since purchase.

Scuttle itself was fine, the issue was the rubber top had seen better days. Managed to do this myself (pushing the limit of my capabilities here). Also replaced the wiper arm nuts as the originals were showing a small amount of surface rust - only a pound or so from MB. Handy tip: using WD-40 on the wiper arm bolts made them easier to remove as they can stick fast. Also, a strip of masking tape helps locate the position of the wiper blades when you come to put them back (thanks Mike @MB of Medway).

As well as looking better, having a new rubber strip helps keep a lot of crud out of the engine bay 👍

Scuttle - old/new

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