E55 too quiet!

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May 19, 2006
Orihuela, Spain./ London, England.
E55 AMG + Suzuki Burgman 400
As some will know, I have recently become the proud owner of a 2001 E55. I would like the V8 to have a little bit more volume.(I know you guys know what I mean). I have been searching old threads and am getting more and more confused. What can I do, for a reasonable outlay, to make the V8 sound a bit more obvious. I don't want to sound like an American muscle car, just a bit more obvious. I don't want to spend a fortune either. Not sure I understand about de-catting and MOTs etc. so please aim any replies at a simpleton. Regards, Jeff.:confused:
Remove the centre box and replace with straight pipes. I done that on my old E55 and it made a slight difference. Cost is about £80-£100.
When I had my E55 I did think about putting a custom exhaust on but from what I gather the 'drone' sound gets a little annoying all too quick..!!

To be honest my one as soon as the revs were over 3.5k it sounded like a beast.

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