E550 2011: Upgrading COMAND NTG4.0 to NTG4.5

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Mar 6, 2015
Mercedes E550 2011

I have a Canadian E550 2011 (W212) with COMAND NTG4.0 and Factory Rear view cam.

I was wondering if I can upgrade my NTG4.0 COMAND to NTG4.5, or NTG4.7 (3rd Gen 4.5).

If so, is it a plug&play install? Meaning can I just purchase an NTG4.5 from eBay and install it in lieu of the 4.0? If not, can the modifs be done be me or are they "hardcore"?

Also, if I upgrade to COMAND NTG4.5, will I have the active guide lines in the rear view camera? if not, is it possible to enable these somehow?

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As its 2011, and NTG4.5 was fitted in 2011 in parts of the world, it is possible.
The microphone and CAN wiring is not the same, but it is easily re-wireable, but you'll need a new display cable and you'll want the USB port and wiring for the armrest.

The "security" in NTG4.5 is much higher. The map has VIN-dependant PIN code that gets generated by Mercedes and is only possible to generate if the COMAND has been properly installed (i.e. 'initial startup' in the Xentry diagnostic system must have been completed successful. This requires a proper online star diagnosis system (i.e in reality a dealer or a very high end independent), the latest firmware update, and most importantly a COMAND with a part number that Mercedes would expect to find in that model year car.

The anti-theft Pin code is also many many digits long.

So, in summary, you must get the correct COMAND unit for the model year.

Now, there is a "work-around". The real issue is getting the map pin codes for the maps. There are companies that seem to be able to generate pin codes for ££££. They charge lots more than the Merc dealers for pin codes but if you are willing to stomach that on an ongoing basis you don't need to go through the full initial-startup process.

You will still need someone with a proper Star diagnosis to enter the PIN code.



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