E63/E63S 2018 vs 2019 - Any exhaust sound differences?


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Jul 11, 2020
Hi there, interested in picking up an E63/E63S with an AMG Performance exhaust plus other options next, and was just wondering if the 2019 version with the updated new steering wheel and new OPF filters with the exhaust, sounded any different to the previous years non OPF model?

I know that the difference in sound between the 2018 and 2019 C43 AMG is minimal (basically exactly the same minus the 2018 version having slightly louder upshift bangs, but no difference in cracks and pops) despite the 2019 version having OPF filters.

Whereas there's supposedly a fairly noticeable and disappointing difference between the 2018 and 2019 C63/C63S, where the newer 2019 OPF filter version lends to far fewer cracks and pops, especially in the lower rev ranges.

I just wondered how the E63/E63S came out with the whole 2019 OPF changes, and whether there were any obvious exhaust note differences or not? Especially a reduction in pops, bangs and crackles.

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