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Dec 22, 2023
E350 w212
For all of the e63(s) owners, what is real world mpg between the w212 and w213 models. It seems to go down the newer you get. I have seen a few posts mentioning 28-30 mpg for motorway miles in a 212. I thought the 213 might be slightly more fuel efficient but not sure that it is. Even looking at e43 and e53 it does not seem to be any better with the 213.

Caveat emptor: I know the e63 is not about fuel efficiency but interested in the difference over the body shapes etc.
I get anywhere between 8 and 25mpg depending on how and where im driving, w213 e63s. I do tend to have a heavy right foot.
This is since the last reset, not sure how accurate the mpg is as I tend to work out cost per mile when I fill up tank to tank. This ranges from 30p to 45p (shell is always the upper end at 20p a litre more than tesco) depending on which garage I end up at and how heavy I've pressed.
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I also have an 213 E63S and see 25/26mpg on sustained motorway runs, it has peaked at 28 on one occasion. Otherwise, normal for me is 21/22mpg on regular driving.
I've got the W212 E63 (non s :rolleyes: ) & the best I've ever achieved was 30.7mpg & that was after a 300 mile round trip on cruise control @ UK legal limits - yes, it was a very dull drive..
As it's also my daily & has been for 5 years I'm well use to 22-23mpg general mixed driving.
I fully intend to move up to a W213 S wagon & I'm well aware that the full consumption is no better than my W212 - however the offset of road fund tax @ £180 instead of £675 makes the man-maths work for me :cool:

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