E63 Replica

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The funny thing is that a 'real' E55 wouldn't fetch the price he's after!
Not much of a Replica, its not even got a AMG body kit!
I think the seller is trying to (excuse the pun) 'pull a fast one' except this one isn't at all fast :D
£21k. F***ing H.

Its a nice car and all that, and I'd maybe pay £12k for it, but I'd remove all the badges and just have a modded E240, as that is what it is. Shame, looking beyond the price its a nice car with some good options

4 Zone climate
Pano Sun Roof
Maple Wood (inc steering wheel)

I like the exterior mods bar the badges, but £21k is just too much, half that and its a good buy.
That's probably the scruffiest DVD installation I have seen. Did he get it from Argos?
His advert should be pulled as there are lots of condtradictions, ie a 2003 E class being sold as an E63.
And aren't E63s current facelift anyway?

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