E63 with/without map and MSL.

Peter DLM

MB Enthusiast
Aug 24, 2007
Milton Keynes
19 reg CLS 350d, 67 reg AMG GT R Caterham Levante
Popped into MSL on Saturday where the lovely Acid dug me out of a Eurocharged Watford induced problem. Top service as always, way beyond what anyone else would have done, thanks very very much Acid.:thumb:

I also experienced an E63 BiTurbo with and without a map, and all I can say is "wow", what a completed and utter transformation :eek: Standard car feels absolutely pedestrian. The front loading off all the boosts totally changes the character of the way it drives.

I can see in my future another BiTurbo and maybe one with the big turbos and full exhaust upgrades. :cool:

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