EBV, ABS, ESP inoperative on dash 2007 c220 cdi sport

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Jun 8, 2014
Mercedes e250 A207 Convertible
I started getting this message on dashboard after trying to pull the car out of snow. The ESP light came on as the car was struggling to get out of the driveway. Once out, the lights remained on. I lost power steering too.

I also get Run flat indicator inoperative.

Turning car off removes the warning lights, but as soon as I start driving again (10mph) the lights come on again, power steering goes. I tried using cruise control today, that didn't work too, ended up getting 'Cruise control and Speedtronic inoperative'.

Have tried getting the car diagnosed at a local garage, it came up with p5001 code (ESP/BAS control module; internal fault - intermittent). Can't find this code anywhere on Google or any of the other garages who I've spoken to. They don't have this code on the system.

Help please?? Mercedes want £100 per hour to start diagnosis process. Surely someone else has had this issue.
EBV,ABS, ESP inoperative and power steering gone

Hi I have had exactly the same problem occur out of the blue. Took my 2008 C280 into the dealer who ran it through the star scan tool which showed up error 5001. They have recomended a new esp control unit and have quoted $2,800 to do it.

I am very keen to try a few things first and was wondering what you did to fix it as it sounds like exactly the same problem?

I have checked all the fuses and they are ok. I am tempted to try the brake light switch as that seems to be a similar cause to the problem but I my brake lights are all working fine.

Any help would be appreciated and also any ideas where I could buy the esp module from overseas as we seem to get ripped off in NZ for any MB parts.

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