Ecotek Foam Spray!

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May 14, 2009
Canterbury, Kent
W140 500 SEL
Hello all. Has anybody tried the above item in their engine as a decoking agent. I have a E280 mbz with the M104 engine.
Would like to find out if it does what it says on the tin. Thanks.
I have seen it used once or twice. Fair results, ensure you rev it per the instructions when you use it else it will stall and you'll strugle to restart.

Also spray downstream of any sensitive sensors (MAF) etc..
Thanks for reply. Am going to Belgium on Sat so a long run might help that. However, I have just replaced the breathers under the black manifold and cleaned the fuses. Great motor, far better than the other well known Bavarian brand LOL!
By the way, my car is on 148k. Still going strong.:)
never heard of it? do u spray in the air intake or where?
Why do you need a de-coke?
Hello. I have a E280 similar to yours. Have you done any upgrades to the suspension as I am thinking about getting the Sportline anti roll bar for the front.
I have already changed the shocks and springs. Doing brake lines soon with braided ones. Thanks in advance.
Mine is a 210 not a 124.

the best set up is the B12 kit from Bilstein.

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