Ecotek Powerboost foam

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Jun 4, 2004
Edenbridge, Kent
Smart Roadster
I treated my 190E with powerboost foam. Now its playing up.

While I was treating it the revs stayed at 3000 rpm and didn't want to drop back down. I took it for a little 15 mile drive after letting it cool down for a half hour (was getting a bit warm) and now it idles at 1000 rpm, builds up to 1500, then drops back to 1000 in a constant loop. Any idea what it could be?

Incidentally, the inside of the intake manifold is now nice and clean where it was quite dirty before.
Right. I took out the rotary idle actuator, sprayed lots of WD40 into it, tipped it out and it came out dirty. Kept on doing this until I ran out of WD, but looking into theres some fairly solid crud built up on on the inside that I can't get to. Anyone know if these can be stripped down to be cleaned properly?

Tickover is still high, sitting at 1500 rpm now.
It was the rotary idle actuator, it was rather clogged. Cleaned it out by flushing lots of WD40 through it, then running a 12v current through it a few times, flushing through more wd.. Basically just using WD to lift off the carbon and the mechanism to clean it all out.

Fixed now. Which is nice. I won't be recommending powerboost foam to anyone though.

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