ECU-ETU Transmision Reset Easy DIY

Discussion in 'Engine' started by rangy, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. rangy

    rangy New Member

    Mar 3, 2013
    220d bluetec c class 205 amg sport plus,soon be looking like 2019 c63s :-)
    Most people dont know that they can reset there ETU also being called ECU
    My car was feeling a little sluggish in comfort mode for past couple of months,slow to change into gears,felt every bump on the road,thinking my suspension was shot,it was putting me off the car,i felt it was tierd and contemplated getting rid of it as i felt it was letting me down a little
    its a 205 C Class 220d AMG sports plus
    After reading forums trying to research suspension probs I came across this quick DIY Fix,when i read it I thought yeah that will never work lol

    I did the reset and yes it did work,my car now runs as it should again,the suspension seems to have reset itself along with the auto transmision and engine,its sharper and goes like it should now

    The Simple Reset for people who dont know is ......

    1. Turn egnition key to on positon (before it cranks the engine) dont start the engine.
    2. put the gas pedal to the floor,hold it there,wait for about 10 secs,turn the key to off and pull it out
    3. wait another 10 secs and take your foot off the gas pedal
    4. do nothing but sit in the car and wait a further 2 mins
    this resets the driving habits memory of the car,mind keep electrics off,as in fan,Radio A/C

    I laughed to myself when i read this thinking no way will this work,I can assure you it works perfect and driving my car last night felt right again,I thought it was just the auto transmision it reset but its also reset my suspension,my prob has gone :)

    Just thought I would share this for others who dont know about it
  2. Gazwould

    Gazwould MB Enthusiast

    Sep 29, 2018
    S204 C250 CDI AMG Sport
    Don't they just slowly revert back to their old ways ?
  3. whitenemesis

    whitenemesis MB Club Veteran

    May 7, 2007
    Lexus RC300h F-Sport 2019
    They do as the TCU is adaptive and learns the driver's style of driving. Only takes a few miles/minutes of different driving to feel a significant change in how the 'box behaves.
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  4. Stratman

    Stratman MB Enthusiast

    Jun 15, 2003
    W203 C200 CDI '04Estate
    The reason it felt sluggish is because, as whitenemesis points out, it learns your driving style and adapts to it.
  5. Petrol Pete

    Petrol Pete MB Enthusiast

    Nov 11, 2016
    Petrol stations ...everywhere
    C55 AMG Wagon
    OP. This hack is ancient but thanks for bringing it back up to tell those who have not heard of it. One point I remember hearing is when you say 'do nothing' thats exactly what it means, doors , windows closed and do not touch a single button in the car during the 2 minutes.

    There are some that say this re set is a load of tosh. I still do it from time to time.
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    Bobby Dazzler MB Club Veteran

    Jan 21, 2005
    Mittel England
    ML AMG-line Black Series
    It doesn’t reset anything. It registers a signal that the accelerator has been pushed straight to the floor and held there for 10 seconds. As a result the car adapts to the changing inputs and sharpens it’s senses so that it reacts more quickly. When you then drive normally again, the car adapts again, and progressively softens it’s reactions to driver inputs.

    You can achieve the same result by safely stopping on an empty stretch of dual carriage way - or safely join from a slow start - and pin the accelerator to the floor. You’ll see that it adapts to being driven like it’s been stolen by Lewis Hamilton, and then adapt again to being driven like a normal driver, in normal real life conditions.

    Sporty cars now make this a switchable thing, for example Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Race modes.
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