ECU Software update. Main Dealer ********* Yes or No

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Apr 14, 2013
West Wales
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My car is booked in for a service tomorrow , had a courtesy call this morning to confirm the details. I was told that there was an ECU update required but they needed my consent to install it and I was sent the following e-mail :
Dear customer, In agreement with the German authorities, we will be updating the software in the engine control unit of various diesel vehicles with the Euro 6 emissions standard as part of a voluntary service measure. In addition, we will check the nitrogen oxide sensors as a preventive measure and replace them if necessary. The engine control system is very complex from a technical point of view and changes to the software may affect a large number of parameters. These include, for example, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, or nitrogen oxide emissions. In addition, customer satisfaction is a top priority for Mercedes-Benz, which is why the engine and other components must remain protected. For this reason, our engineers have developed the update for your vehicle with great care. The insights gained from the development of our new family of diesel engines and experience from customer operations have now enabled us to better align the engine control system with the vehicle and the driving behaviour of our customers. The new software helps to further reduce the average nitrogen oxide emissions while driving on the road. In addition, we ensure that the software update has no relevant impact on the certified fuel consumption and CO2 emission values, nor on the engine output, torque, noise emission and service life of the vehicles. To this end, we conducted extensive tests and were unable to detect any relevant deviations. The prerequisite for proper functioning is that the routine maintenance work is carried out as per manufacturer guidelines. On this basis, the German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles has granted us the necessary approval for the software update of your vehicle. If, contrary to expectations, the software update should result in damage to a component part of the exhaust gas recirculation system, please contact an authorised Mercedes-Benz Retailer. If the damage was caused by the software update, the Retailer will repair your vehicle free of charge. We offer this free repair to you in addition to the existing warranties, guarantees and contractual rights in the 2 years after implementation of the software update. This regulation applies to vehicles up to a total mileage reading of 155,000 miles. We ask for your understanding that the repair cannot be carried out free of charge if the vehicle has been handled improperly or exposed to any other influence that was unusual or typically leads to damage (e.g. participation in races, overloading of the vehicle, natural wear) and it cannot be ruled out that this influence is the cause of the damage. You may know that part of your vehicle's exhaust gas cleaning in the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalytic converter is performed by injecting AdBlue. The AdBlue consumption depends significantly on the individual driving style and the environmental conditions. In connection with the improvement of the nitrogen oxide emission behaviour through the software update, AdBlue consumption may increase under otherwise comparable driving conditions. However, you will continue to be informed of a low fill level of the AdBlue tank when a remaining distance of 1,500 miles is reached. This voluntary service measure will be carried out free of charge and will take up to two hours to perform. We will also provide you with a certificate to confirm completion of this service measure. The software update will not change your vehicle's Euro 6 exhaust gas classification. Yours sincerely, Mercedes-Benz of Swansea.

Please reply YES to grant your consent, please reply NO if you do not wish to grant consent, failing to reply will be assumed NO consent.

ANY VIEWS ON YES or NO ?????????
Well this does not effect me but we have members who are well put out by the fact that after this ecu update they are using more fuel,and so from what I have read many would not have it done
If you consent 'yes' but then do see a significant drop in MPG or performance, will they reverse it?
Read this

I heard they just use more ad blue. ??
Not a good idea. From what I’ve read the MPG drops significantly.
It appears my 2017 e350 has already been done and now awaiting an airbag check.

It appears my 2017 e350 has already been done and now awaiting an airbag check.

Mine is showing the airbag as well.

Looks like it's a new Takata Airbag recall? As of 'Spring 2020'?

I thought they have already replaced all the Takata airbags - seems not....
Mine is showing the airbag as well.

Looks like it's a new Takata Airbag recall? As of 'Spring 2020'?

I thought they have already replaced all the Takata airbags - seems not....
I checked my c250. Its had neither done as yet.
I'm a suspicious bastard. If the software update is optional, doesn't offer any customer benefits and could ****up your car, why would you say yes?

It's not for us, it's to show the authorities that MB is tackling dieselgate.
The odd thing is that all manufacturers' solutions seem to come up with a less efficient and probably dirtier map than the "cheat" version.
So the "cheat" version gave some enhanced test figures which nobody believes anyway while optimising the real world efficiency.
In my experience, any business subject to a third - party test regime will strive to ensure that their product or service passes the test which may be the gateway to market.
The real problem is with the way tests are designed and executed, not the way businesses try to pass the test.
In my opinion the manufacturers did not cheat. They designed software to ensure the products passed the test and delivered customer and environmental benefits in the real world.
I had an A4 2 litre tdi with one of those engines affected by the vw emission scandal and also got a letter from dealer to update the software.
after researching forums i have come to the conclusion that it was causing more problems than good.
so never went to update.

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