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  1. steve hanshaw

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    Oct 17, 2016
    I have a 55 plate medium wheelbase sprinter which went in the garage for a light stalk replacement.
    After replacement they took it for a daytime drive and blew the ecu.
    New ecu blew up after three weeks and now they say the new replacement for that needs reprograming from a different 55 plate as they think the existing unit too damaged to get information from.
    I've been works vehicle-less since July and it's costing.
    Can anyone help me with positive imformation?
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    Normally what damages electronic components are excessive voltage or current draws beyond the ratings of the components involved. These can be momentary pulses [ voltage spikes/arcs from shorts] or low level stuff that goes on a longer term [ an A/C alternating current component in a DC circuit or excessive current draw that causes components to run hotter than intended]. Theoretically there should be failsafe devices fuseable links, fuses , relays etc to protect vulnerable circuits and its puzzzling why these haven't worked. One likely culprit is the alternator which produces A/C by default till its rectified and its output is controlled by a voltage regulator unless its also faulty. Because of its function it is connected to the heart of the electrical system so can cause problems if faulty. Another source is the high tension side of the ignition system if the vehicle is petrol powered HT faults again can track back to the engine ECU. Wiring arcing shorts are more difficult to find bur should normally blow fuses . If wiring was disturbed when the lighting stalk was changed that's a possibility but it may be just a co-incidence. Its vital the van is looked at by a vehicle electrician [ not mechanic] familiar with Mercedes Vans and with the right diagnostic equipment and hope this is the case??
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