Eibach Anti-Roll Bar Kit - CLK W209 - C W203

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May 11, 2003
2002 CLK500

For sale, a pair of Eibach uprated anti-roll bars, in good condition with matching polyurethane bushes.

These were removed from a 2003 CLK 270 CDI.

These are suitable for all engine variants of the W209 and W203.

If there is a buyer for each, I will split the pair.


£200 ONO

Collection from Chelmsford
Insured delivery £10


Still for sale.


Fit a W209 CLK55 Cab?

What's the difference, are they just thicker?
My google-fu is weak, I can't find an eibach roll / sway bar listing even on their own website for this or anywhere else.

It seems this might be the same thickness as I already have:

Eibach sway bars - MBWorld.org Forums

Anyone in the know have any ideas?


For your reference, the CLK 55 AMG uses 22mm front / 17mm rear anti-roll bars.

Therefore they are an upgrade for your car, and will fit.


Hi, I have a CLK 270 W209 year 2003 and I recently bought a Koni.STR.T suspension with Eibach Pro Kit. When I mounted the front right Strut I noticed that the Sway Bar doesn’t fit with the Strut and with the Sway bar. I mean it appears that I need a much smaller sway bar because the one I had was too long to fit ; but also that sway bar should have a small screw because the one I had was to big to fit in the Strut. What do you recommend? Do i need to buy the Eibach Anti-roll kit too? And also together with the anti roll kit some sway bars to fit in? I cand send you some pictures if you want. Thanks in advance.

I have bought the same kit

So will likely have the same issues you have.

Anyone got any feedback on this?

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