electric heated seats not working -ml 270


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Feb 21, 2009
ml 270 brabus d4,
hi all . my both front electric heated seats are not working. they both operate correctly at the switch on the dash and the sinlge light then the double light comes on . they do not flash as they say they do if there is a fault re- the owners manual. i have checked all fuses under the bonnet and nothing wrong there. so i have dropped the contol boxes under each seat down and nothing seams blown or burnt out. when i push the heated seat button on the dash the contol panels under the seats click on ( presume relays ?) 1 thing i did find was that the contol boxes click on and off for the other seat. so it seems they are not switching/clicking for that seat but for the other one so is that normal ? also there is 1 less plug under the drivers seat to that under the passengers seat and i think the 1 missing is a white plug and says orange on the box wiring indicator for the plugs , i have looked all under the seat and cant find it ( thought it may have been pulled out ) so presume that is how they are wired ? "1 less plug under the drivers seat ? "

any ideas or things to check ? the electric seat adjustments are fine and the preset memory buttons are fine. just the heated seats.

its a ml 270 cdi 2001

cheers shaun

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