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Nov 17, 2023
200SLK 2006
Pulling my hair out a little here.

It started with the battery compartment having water in. Drained that and seemed to be ok for a few weeks, then started to get warning lights coming on. SRS ebgine, radio would cut out etc. Left overnight battery went flat key fob wouldn't turn.

Was told it might be the battery. bought new battery connected and it ran for a day when it started again. Connected a charger as battery showed flat after one day. disconnected charger, electrics came on, key turned but engine didn't start or tick over. Then reconnecting charger as a test they key stopped turning...

Really confusing....

Please help.

The most likely reason for water ingress into the battery compartment is blocked scuttle or blocked drain holes due to leaves and debris. When this happens, other ECUs may have been affected by water ingress. Has the garage used MB STAR code reader to rad the fault codes from the various ECUs?

Then, your 2006 SLK200 will have the M271 1.8L Kompressor engine. These engines can suffer from leaking camshaft position sensors (aka 'Magnets' or 'Hall effect sensors'). When this happens, oil can travel up the wiring look and enter the ECU. So check also that the camshaft position sensors are dry to the touch when the connector is removed, and that there's no sign of oil inside the electrical plug's plastic housing. They are easily accessible at the front of the engine.

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