Electronic Brake Controller Recommendations for 2022 GLE 450 with "Tow Package"

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Oct 31, 2023
Michigan, USA
2022 GLE 450
I'm interested in purchasing and installing a modern, unobtrusive, proportional, electronic brake controller in my 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 (W4). The build contains standard option (B01) 48 Volt System, and additional options (DC8) AIRMATIC Package, (215) Adaptive Damping System Plus, (489) AIRMATIC, (550) Trailer Hitch, (557) Increased Towing Capacity with Trailer Hitch. Although the Mercedes GLE is a highly capable tow vehicle, I'm finding very little towing information in the owner's manual, on the Mercedes-Benz site, on YouTube, in forums and chat rooms, etc. I'm hoping a number of you may have experience towing with Mercedes, maybe even the 2022 GLE 450 specifically, and can recommend a number of trailer brake controller options that provide "plug and play" integration with the Mercedes wiring harness I understand should be located under the carpet near the brake pedal on the driver's side (which for me is the left side of the car here in the USA).

I've researched a number of highly rated brake controller options such as:
  1. (RED24FR) Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty Brake Controller - Dash Knob - 1 to 2 Axles - Proportional - I really like this controller, the fact the controller can be tucked away under the dash in any orientation, and simply the small control dial needs to be mounted and visible somewhere in the car (However, as small as the dial is, I'm having difficulty identifying an appropriate location for the dial that won't look out of place or be extremely difficult to access for wiring and connectivity purposes without tearing the car apart.)
  2. (Item # C51180) Curt Echo Wireless Brake Controller - 7-Way Plug Mount w/ Bluetooth App - 1 to 2 Axle - Proportional - This controller sounds great. There is no "wiring" required and it utilizes an app on your mobile phone to adjust all settings. perform calibration, and provide access to emergency "trailer only" braking at the push of a large button displayed on the app screen. The "failure mode" I'm concerned about is the length and weight of the device itself. The device essentially creates a long "lever arm" I'm concerned exposes the 7-way connector to a lot of weight and strain which could either cause the trailer connection to loosen and fall out (even though they provide a rubber strap for this purpose), or excessive wear on the vehicle connector that may result in long term electrical shorts and/or inoperability.
  3. There are others, but I'll spare you the lengthy descriptions.
I'm interested in what options this group has had great success with, how the installation and setup went, and any pros and cons you've experienced with the controller or any side effects or considerations with the car's interface or electrical system, etc.

I look forward to your input and suggestions. Any specific part numbers, links, etc. are appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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