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Apr 12, 2007
E 350CGI Coupe and QQ+2
New thread on this as I have a new question

Arising from the hard wire of a dash cam into fuse 25 on circuit 87m in the fuse box N10-1 (I am suspecting) I have the following two codes (but still no idea what the hell I have tapped into) :wallbash:

P2505 – (not on the Code list I have from this forum a few days ago)

P2201 - CAN message from control module DAS Plausibility

At least the car is running ‘fine’ at the moment

Any idea if these are ‘essential’

I am booked into MBS on Wednesday so will see what they say, but where’s the fun in not having a stab at it ourselves…..

PS Dash cam goes live with key unlocking of car, but will go off if I don't put the key in the ign after entering the car within 10 secs...If I don't enter the car, it stays on for a while
If I do, it stays on and records away
When I lock the car, it stays on for 70 seconds - longer than the interior lights
What the hell circuit / fuse does that and why?

PS its in there as I physically could not fit the piggy back fuse into any of the circuit 15 fuses in N10-1, but am planning another assault on that tomorrow afternoon :confused:

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