EMU Fault Code Scanner recommendations - 2013 Mercedes Vito (W639)

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Jan 30, 2017
Mercedes Vito
Can anyone recommend a reliable Fault Code scanner which will also reset the Engine Warning Light in the cab of a 2013 Mercedes Vito (W639)

Mine has come on a couple of times in the last 6 months.
The first time directly as I turned the key back and forth a bit too much whilst trying to change the time.

I had this reset by my local garage for £30 +vat.

A month later, I stalled the van and turned the key forward (to start it) whilst all the instrument lights were on. I turned the key back and then started the engine but the light has remained on again, for almost 2 weeks now.

I don't believe that there are any underlying causes as I know what the engine was doing (or not) at the time that these lights decided to remain on.

Many people on here use the iCarSoft MB V2.0. That is focussed towards MB cars & vans. There are other iCarsoft models that cover a wider range of manufacturers.
Make sure you buy it from a reputable supplier as there are counterfeit versions available.

There are other makes which I am sure are good too -- I have no experience of those though.
As above; iCarsoft MB is a decent code reader :) I used it until I upgraded to an Autel; but thats overkill for DIY purposes.
Steve700 icarsoft on Amazon £149.00

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