Engage front passenger seat

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Aug 26, 2023
Tasmania, Australia
2005 CLK 350 Elegance convertible
Hi Everyone

2005 W209 CLK350 cabriolet, just moved the passenger seat all the way forward with electric controls and tilted seat forward to vacuum behind the seat, everything worked fine including the headrest, went to move it back and nothing. I can hear a click when I flick the head rest button but nothing else. Removed all the plugs under the seat and put them back in, everything looks fine. Took car for a fang and got the message "Engage front passenger seat" come up in the display. Anyone have any ideas, can't seem to find anything on this issue.
Tilted seat forward again today and then let it drop back quite hard into position and voila, controls working again. Must be some dicky wiring out of sight somewhere but until next time, who cares.
Glad my CLK has manual seats, less to go wrong.

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