Engine bay undershield.

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Aug 8, 2002
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At the GTG, Koolvin noticed and pointed out to me that my car is missing the engine bay undershield. I did'nt know there was supposed to be one but then thinking about it the Mondeo has one so I suppose the merc ought to.

Has everybody elses 202 got one, should I go back to the dealer and demand that they fit one as it should have been fitted when I bought the car. Any ideas why it is missing seeing as I don't have an intercooler.:p

I could make one out of chequer plate, ideal for offroading or negotiating speed mountains.

I think you saw that my car has one at the GTG. Once a few more people confirm they have them too (which I'm sure they will) I think a trip to the dealer is in order.
Hi Jimmy

Yep, i have one too, big black plastic thing!
or you could get a STEEL carter protection plate?

I can't believe you have one of those K ............:rolleyes:
Yes, I have one on my 1999 C240, think there are just two small bolts which hold it on! It's only a cheap looking bit of plastic so probably wouldn't cost too much!

Plastic or steel?

I think the cost difference will be the deciding factor, but I reckon the steel one should be around £150 which is cheap compared to a cracked sump or radiator.

I am more worried about my spoiler with the blasted speed bumps though!!
Originally posted by fuzzer
I can't believe you have one of those K ............:rolleyes:
He doesn't...that's my steel carter protection plate and all the fittings, which is currently installed on my old car :(
Got one ordered from the dealer with all clips and screws.:)
Originally posted by jimmy
Got one ordered from the dealer with all clips and screws.:)
Are they going to pay for it Jimmy?
Originally posted by Simon
Are they going to pay for it Jimmy?

No, I ordered it from Mercedes of Kettering as they are closer and the parts guy is OK, it's just the rest of them that are t@ssers:crazy:

I bought the car from Evans of Leicester which is too far to keep going to get bits, I should of got them to fit the shield but it would have meant two hours of driving, the hassle of getting a poxy courtesy car, so it would have cost me more than getting the part and fitting it myself.
My new car has one under the engine and halfway down the car under the gearbox too.:)

Also noticed that the old C180 had only a small piece of lining under the bonnet near the windscreen, the C250TD has one under the whole of the bonnet and is much thicker. I presume it is to subdue the rumble that could be mistaken for somebody shaking a bucket of nails under the bonnet.:D :p :crazy: Only joking it sounds lovely.:bannana:

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