Engine check light not illuminating

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Apr 17, 2015
SW England
S500 W221 2006
Hello All,

this is my first post so please be gentle !! I bought an S500 W221 almost a year ago and never noticed at the time of purchase, that the engine warning light did not illuminate at start up. As I work away a lot, this was only pointed out to me recently when I took the car for diagnostics due to intermittent starting. That flagged up P0016 and P0017 fault codes and I have had the camshaft sprocket idler replaced at some considerable cost which was found to be bereft of all its teeth which were lying in the sump pan. The independant (Alex Crow) and I both assumed that was causing the crank and camshaft to be out of sync. I still have the starting problem and no-one seems to know how I can retrieve my warning light. The only thing left probably to check would be the fuel pressure when the engine won't start and replacement of the left bank cam sensors (The crank and right bank are new) Please help me as it is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance

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