Engine felt like it was going to stall when stationary

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Nov 18, 2022
Mercedes e350 v6 diesel 2011

I wonder if anyone could shed some light on this for me please.when i was parked stationary today on idle, my car felt as it should on idle then all of a sudden it felt like my car was going to stall but it didnt if that makes sense..any ideas what could cause this please?
It happened to me once before ages ago i changed the glow plug relay module i think it was but it wasnt a branded one.could this cause the issue thats occured.as when i start it sometimes especially now being a tad colder it hunts just slightly when first starting from cold.

Any advice be much appreciated

Have you checked engine mounts? When my mounts were changed and the right side mount failed shortly after - the car felt like it was about to stall when slowing down. The was also some vibration present too. May not be related but worth checking?

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