Engine Kind Info Needed?

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Mar 9, 2004
Hi there,

Im looking at E320 Cdi, 05 Plate. The person cannot get me picture of the engine bay. What im needing to know is if the Engine is the old Straight 6 or the newer V6??

Thanking in advance

Go and view the car yourself and have a look.

Ask him if its a 3.2 engine or a 3.0 engine (its on the V5). if its 3000cc its a V6 if its 3200cc is an I6.

Is it a 5 spd or 7spd gear box. The older I6 didn't have 7 speed gear box IIRC.

The older I6 car is more economical, not much less powerful but the 3.0 is a fair bit greedier but allegedly much more refined/smooth.
Key the VIN number into the Russian VIN 'checker' website listed in the Favourites section of this forum.
What does the chassis number start with?

211026 (226 for estate) is a I6 - 613 engine
211022 (222 for estate) is a V6 - 642 engine

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