Engine oil cooler oil leak

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Jul 23, 2017
Hi, we bought ML250 a week ago that is 2.6 year old (register in Jan 2015). were very happy with the car, but decided to check it to feel safe. The check reveals Engine oil cooler oil leak (photo attached). The car is still under manufacturer warranty. We are not sure should we just return the car to the dealer and ask for a full refund or repair it at Mercedes. After looking through various forums we realised that it looks like in order to change the engine cooler a lot of parts need to be taken of and put back during the repair. Many people complained that after changing engine oil cooler their car starts breaking and more repairs were needed. Do not want to go through this, any advice should we return it or repair and keep ? :dk: The engine is OM651. Thanks for advice


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As long as the car has a full service history, it should be sorted OK by Mercedes no matter what it takes.

The only problem might be if they can't give you a loan car. It might be worthwhile discussing the problem with the supplying dealer because that should really have been dealt with before you bought the car!

Sorry I can't help with the specifics of sorting your vehicle.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks, taking it to the dealer tomorrow. We will take it from there...

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