Engine Oil Level Missing!!

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by ajay84, Apr 7, 2014.

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    Apr 6, 2014
    Mercedes Benz E320 BRABUS 2008
    Hi guys

    I'm new to this forum and its my first post..need some help plz...

    I have a 2008 e320 cdi-brabus tuned saloon, I was able to check engine oil level from the dashboard/intrument cluster up until the last service (dec'13) by accessing hidden/engineer's mode menus.

    Since then i didn't check it until last night. I can access all menus and sub-menus, I can see all details on the oil level screen but the actual oil level reading has disappeared.

    I went to the MB Dealer today and they said those menus are 'Engineer's Mode Menus' and are used by techs only to check oil level when they empty it for an oil change. But they also can't figure out as to what happened to those readings. They certainly can do full diagnostics but it's gonna cost me £80 for that plus have to leave my car there for a whole day.

    Then i went to an independent MB garage who confirmed that the reading should be there but since its not coming up there must be a fault and its gonna cost £75 to do full diag + labour and parts as required.

    I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem in the past or can I fix this prob myself..

    I have attached 2 pics of IC, !st one with engine off - 1 click,
    and second at 2 clicks.
    2nd screen does not change even if the engine is on.

    i appreciate any help/info on this issue, many thanks

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