Engine rattling W204 C180 2010


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Jul 28, 2020
2010 C180 W204

I was wondering if anyone has experienced a simialr issue or can advise me on my issue im having with my 2010 C180 W204 automatic engine petrol, currently on 68k mileage.

Durring lockdown i didnt drive the car much and however a month into lockdown i noticed a rattling noise coming from the engine, the noise is constant.

I then had a service done by an indy and he suggested to me that the gears and chain might be going and theres bits of metal in the oil filter. I told the indy only 2 years ago i changed the gears the chains tensioner etc at a very well respected indy (Wayne Gates) ive only done 17k miles since and it cost me almost £2k to do it.

The day after I took it back to Wayne Gates he had a look at the oil filter again and noticed there was again metal in the new filter and he suggested it sounded like a oil pressure issue but wont know untill the engine gets stripped which would be expensive in itself before even considering repairs. He plugged it in to a machine and it said theres a knocking coming from cylinder 3.

Then couple days after i hadnt driven it for a day when i wanted to drive the car the engine kept on stalling when i put it into Reverse. eventuall after a few goes it didnt stall.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or knows how to fix this issue or recomend me a good indy in london not so expensive to take a look, thank you any help is much appreciated.

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Jun 24, 2008
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Terry at Wayne Gates is a trusted forum sponsor, I would go back to him and then go with what he says, even if it isn't the low-cost option that you may have been hoping for.

With regards to a skipped tooth on the camshaft sprocket wheels, given that you have replaced these 17,000 miles ago, and assuming that the car was serviced regularly since, it is unlikely to be the issue now. Is if the issues are intermittent, or are the rattle / misfire always there? A skipped tooth will only get worse when the engine is revved, not better, and the rattle will always be there. So if the rattle is only at startup, or if the engine is occasionally OK, then it is unlikely that the timing is out of alignment.

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