Enter VIN and get car details....

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May 10, 2006
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Very clever, thanks!
Does anyone have a link to a web site that you can pop a ca number plate in and get the VIN back?

I did use a car parts site but that no longer works,

Doesn't work for my car.It has to be earlier than 05 i think.
Does anyone know what 'Tourists (without USA) (402)' means on the VIN decoder under Dealer. Obviously it isn't a standard UK car so assumed it was from South Africa etc but this doesn't help. Thanks

It's a W140 S500 SWB.
This hasn't been working for some time now and I used it all the time when it was working.

Does anyone know why they stopped the service?
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Ah, that gives the options. That's what I wanted!
This system seems to be down. Is there an alternate site? TIA
Trying to use this VIN Checker above and getting no joy .

What happened to the old one ?

Does anyone have a working link please ?
the autoparts one worked for me a couple a days ago

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