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Feb 13, 2003
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I recently bought one of these about 2 month ago,Everything is fine apart from priting onto CD's/DVD's.The writing or the artwork will come out fine but when the job is finished and the tray ejects ready for me to take it out, an error messsage keeps coming up and I have to keep resetting the printer :( I have taken it back to an Epson approved service centre twice now and today they said to take the tray out as its being ejected :rolleyes: (they said that because it did it to them and thats how they delt with it) Has anyone else got this strange quirk?I need some ammo so I can take it back and get a replacement

we've got the R200 (same printer but without the car reader) and have no such problems.

All I'll say is that the printer is a little fussy about how the tray is lined up when you first load the CD.

get it replaced :)

Cheers Andy,I have been onto Epson this morning and they will send an engineer out next week(my choice due to work)Probably from the service centre I took it too yesterday.At least it will save me a trip ;) .Whilst on the phone to them I found out about buying ink cartridges from them,Can get all 6 cartridges for £39.69 inc free delivery.Thought you might want to know :D
I have the R300 and had a nightmare when we first tried to use the print CD function - it' was very picky about the psace it wanted at the back of it :crazy: but other than that we've had no issues at all.

That's an excellent price for proper cartridges too. I've been using compatibles - two full sets for £28 :p :D
Im only using genuine ones for the moment because of the warranty,As soon as thats up Im going to invest in one of these Continuous ink supply .Not from these people but have seen them in the markets around here going for £40 and £75 in the small computer shops. :D
pammy said:
That's an excellent price for proper cartridges too. I've been using compatibles - two full sets for £28 :p :D

Thats a pretty good price.. how does the colour ink cope with photo printing? i've got the R300 and absolutely love it.. but then i have never used the cd printing function.
we've ben using Jet Tec compatible cartridges and they are every bit as good as the Epson originals even for photo printing - can't remember exactly what we paid but it was about £80 for five sets.

We bought a set of cartridges from Aldis a few weeks back @£1.99 each but haven't used any yet so we can't vouch for them :)

Well good news for me today.The engineer came looked at it and said its a tray sensor thats probably failed and theres nothing he can do about it,So he went to his van and got another printer out.All setup and working great now.How the express service centre couldn't work it out that quick we will never know.Just got to buy more ink, now where's my wallet!

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