Error code advice after water damage.

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Aug 8, 2022
Vito 116 CDi 2013
After getting my van stuck on a flooded road I got the van recovered and it started again but it's having some issues. The van is a 2013 Vito 116 CDI and I think it has a 5 speed auto. Water ended up above the exhaust level and below the reverse sensors. Initially there was a complete lack of power but I've managed to drain most of the water out of the exhaust and it seems to have its power back, albeit with lots of white smoke at the minute, but it wont change gears. I've ran diagnostics on it between different attempts at fault finding and it flashes up 5 codes that I'm trying to get my head around (details below).

This happened 3 weeks ago and it has been stood on my drive untouched since. Today I disconnected the loom to the auto box and it was dry inside but I put some electrical connector cleaner on and let it evaporate before putting it back together. I checked TCU fuse (7.5A) which was still good along with some others but found none blown. I can also see that on the clocks PRND is displayed but nothing is highlighted to show which gear is selected. The van will move between drive, reverse and park however it is a bit more violent than usual.

Before I go down a rabbit hole of fault finding I just want to wrap my head around a few things:

1. c10100 and U010100 says that the TCU has a malfunction. Where is this located on the Vito? Would this be in the engine bay or is it a unit in the gearbox?

2. 4751 says No CAN Message From Control Unit N15/5. From what I've read this is a unit in the cab next to the gear selector which didn't get wet. Would this be read via the faulty TCU or is this a separate issue?

3. P0100 relates to the MAF sensor which would make sense if any water got in through the air intake and may need cleaning/replacing.

4. 9085 seems related to bulbs which I haven't checked yet as they're the least of my worries.:)

What I'm trying to understand is exactly which components got wet and how this impacts the other fault codes. I know that the loom connector on the gearbox got wet for about 45 minutes, so did this knacker up one electrical component in the box additionally causing fault codes on components that didn't get wet or has the connection getting wet caused shorts that fried multiple components.

I've removed a mechatronic unit from the auto box of a Q5 before and sent it away for repair before but after seeing pictures of the connector plates in the Vito some images had a module on them and others didn't which is why I want to double check where this particular module is before taking the box apart.

Apologies for the essay but there seems to be several things going wrong at once at the minute.

Thanks in advance!!


TS - Parktronic System Abnormal 1

DTC Qty (1)

c10100 Communication With Control Unit 'Transmission' Has A Malfunction. STORED

ESP - Electronic Stability Program
Abnormal 1

DTC Qty (1)

4751 No CAN Message From Control Unit N15/5 (Electronic Selector Lever Module (ESM[EWM])). STORED

ECM - Engine Control Module(CDI4) Cylinder
Abnormal 1

DTC Qty (1)

U010100 Communication With Control Unit 'Transmission' Has A Malfunction. CURRENT and STORED

SAM - Signal Acquisition And Actuation Module
Abnormal 1

DTC Qty (1)

9085 Component Daytime Running Lamps In Module Left Front Headlamp Unit Is Faulty. (Daytime Running Lamps Left Front Headlamp Unit Short Circuit To Positive Or OpenCircuit Daytime Running Lamps Left Front Headlamp Unit ) Daytime Running Lamps LeftFront Headlamp Unit STORED

ECM - Engine Control Module(CDI6) Cylinder
Abnormal 1

DTC Qty (1)

0b,c1,01,00(P0100) Please refer to manual Current And Stored
I hope you can find some help for this. Perhaps there’s a Vito specific forum that might be able to help, or perhaps even somewhere more active like MBWorld forum

Good luck!

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