Error p0011 + rattling sound on class A w176 A200

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Jan 10, 2024
Class A w176 A200
Hello everybody,
i have some issue with my class A A200 (w176) the car have 108000 km .
the first one : i got the error p0011, i change the 2 camshaft position sensor, the problem go and come back still
the second one : after get the error p0011 , i started to have some little rattling sound around 1500 rpm and go away pretty quickly like 2 to 3 seconds
and now cold start i have this rattling sound more often and tend to stay longer, when the engine is more in temperature the sound disappear.
now one friend told me (is an old mechanic) it's possible the problem come from the chain tensioner.
after reading some article about the m270 engine, its maybe possible is a camshaft adjuster or the solenoids, or maybe the timing chain to change
i'm little bit lost, if somebody have already have this can of issue, or some methodology for check the different parts
cordially Brice

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