ersW212 Headlight Adjuster Broken

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Apr 24, 2009
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Today I took a deep breath and removed the front bumper of my 2010 S212. When I got the car it looked misaligned and the headlights not gapped correctly. Anyway, the moulded plastic receptacle for the head light adjuster was broken through. This is very annoying. It looks like I am going to have to wait another week with the bumper off until the repair kit arrives.Another €100 for a repair kit does not float my boat. I tried adding a few washers and a longer screw so that the headlight is resting securely. Problem is: It is will be shaky and just not right. If anyone has an alternative fix please advise. Or if anyone has any spares to sell me perhaps? Encircled in blue below is what I need.

Also, I installed a pair of Osram Night Breakers D1S. The both blue up and then calm down to a fairly white light but one is ever so slightly yellower than the other. I ordered the bulbs and the all serial numbers match exactly (except the number of the actual bulb). I will swap the bulbs and see if it is the bulb is the problem. If it's not the bulb could it be another component or the lens maybe?

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Sorry the photo above is of the repair kit is for the left side, Mine that is broken is the right side.
Well I hope you manage to fix the headlight adjustment,reading your post,I was thinking maybe the car had a slight accident on that corner,and you mention that one of the headlights is giving a slightly different light,it is a good idea to swap the bulbs,but if this does not switch which headlight is giving the different light,it might mean that the car has had a new or second hand headlight which may have a degraded reflector.
It wouldn't surprise me if it had a tip. However, whoever took off the front bumper before I got the car did it badly with various screws missing or not installed or lost. Anyway I hope it goes back on correctly without a hitch ( after i wait a week to get the headlight repair kit from mercedes- annoying.)
I cleaned both lenses last night and I think the colour is the same now. And if it is the case there is an slight uneveness I'll be living with it, I won't be buying two new headlamps nor trying to source used ones whose degraded reflectiveness match, the latter a death of a thousand cuts. Or at least a hundred.
I have a new lower grill for the bumper which is the amg style and I don't see how, even if I only break a few clips, it is doable. I might just get some chicken wire and tape it to the outside.
The joys.
Thank you very much for the reply.
I ordered the headlight repair kit from my local MB, €75. Cheaper than most genuines available online (shipping and now uk to ie charges proving expensive).
So I looked at the bulbs on and I couldn't see any disparity at all in their colour. I swapped them just out of curiosity and they glow to my eyes the same colour.
This is good.
However I noticed the right bulb when secured, felt solid in the housing. The left had a little play in it when its base was held between my finger and thumb.
While I have the bumper off, I wonder is there a screw or two to secure the bulb holder of I was to pull out the headlight?
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